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Giving Birth Naturally

Natural childbirth is an amazing empowering experience that happens everyday. Even here in Northern New Jersey, where C-section rates are skyrocketing, women are birthing with integrity and spirit. With good preparation natural childbirth can be achievable for almost any mom who wants to do it. It’s totally possible! Aligning with a supportive provider is one of the first steps toward natural childbirth. You need someone who believes in you and also someone who can lead and encourage you. Midwives are often great partners when journeying toward natural childbirth. They can create a step-by-step plan for your 9 months, an act as a pregnancy coach. They can create personalized exercise, diet, education, and mental preparation plans to help you feel empowered by your pregnancy and birth experience. At times it may be challenging, but with the right attitude, support team, and preparation, anything is possible. Happy birthing!

New Jersey Midwifery

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