Supporting Vaginal Twin Birth or Birth via Cesarean. – Giving you Choices in Childbirth

Learning your are going to having twins can be an exciting and surreal time, but it doesn’t automatically indicate that you require a cesarean birth. Our practice has successfully and safely delivered twins vaginally for over 20 years. In the hands of our team of expert OB/GYN and midwives lead by High Risk – OB Perinatologist Dr. Yaakov Abdelhak, we can ensure a safe delivery for you and your babies whichever route you prefer. We are here to guide you through your twin or even multiple pregnancy with warmth and fun.

When caring for you in your twin pregnancy we provide only the best in:

– Prenatal care
– Level II Ultrasounds
– Fetal echocargiography
– Perinatology & Maternal Fetal Medicine Care
– Nutrition, diet, exercise & meal planning
– Prenatal Education including childbirth prep, breastfeeding & infant safety
– Birth Planning & Labor Coaching

Our friendly and supportive staff is ready to welcome you to our Obstetrics family. Call our office today or book an appointment online.

If you are expecting twins, triplets or another multiple pregnancy, it is important to monitor your health and the health of your babies as soon as you can. We can educate and guide you to understand how your pregnancy is can uniquely effect you and your family. We are happy to assist you with any issue that could arise and help you through your pregnancy from conception to delivery to ensure you and your babies are safe and healthy. While we will monitor you and your babies very close in a twin or multiple pregnancy, it does not necessarily mean you will experience complications.Working together, we can ensure that you stay healthy and your body will support your pregnancy as nature intended