It’s estimated that around half of pregnancies are unplanned, and whether you’re dealing with an unexpected pregnancy or starting to plan a family, the staff at Integrative Obstetrics is here to help you with pre-conception counseling and care.

Our staff offers pre-conception counseling in Hoboken and Hackensack, New Jersey, for women of all ages who are trying to become pregnant or who may become pregnant. Whether or not a baby is in your near future, if you live in Northern New Jersey, the professionals at our offices in Hoboken and Hackensack are available to offer you a consultation and discuss pre-conception care and concerns with you.

At Integrative Obstetrics, we can help you with pre-conception care methods, including family planning if you want to delay pregnancy, as well as advice and steps to take if you’re planning to get pregnant, including counseling on getting to a healthy weight or screening for any diseases or risk factors. Armed with the latest information and technology, our office can offer pre-conception care tips, such as taking folic acid and other supplements to help support a developing baby as well as controlling any existing conditions that you might have before you get pregnant.

Becoming a parent is a major life step, and Integrative Obstetrics can help guide you through the process and answer questions that you might have. Make an appointment in either of our Northern New Jersey offices for a pre-conception counseling visit today by calling 201-691-8664.