Optimal Fetal Positioning

Because of our modern lives:  indoors, in cars, and often in a chair, the baby can engage in the pelvis in a suboptimal positon. These postures, held by the mother, can cause stiffness in the back and pelvis. This tightness can lead to a decrease in the amount of room in the lower uterine segment.

Creating a pathway for the baby to ease into the birth canal can be done using techniques that incorporate optimal fetal positioning.

Incorporating Various Techniques

From physical therapy, Spinning Babies, The Swiss Method, The Bradley Method and the Alexander Technique, Kristin is able to assist women in encouraging their baby to engage and descend into the pelvis with ease.  Women birth with more assurance and comfort, that their baby “the passenger” is moving through the pelvis with the greatest of ease.


  • Decreased chance of C/S
  • Less likely to need intervention
  • Shorter overall labor
  • Shorter pushing time
  • Less likely to go past due date