The midwifery model of care is based on the idea that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes and to use the least amount of intervention in childbirth needed for birth to happen normally and naturally. Midwives traditionally take a holistic approach to childbirth, and are specialists in the natural birth process, both with and without epidural anesthesia.  Because our practice is an integrative model, Kristin Mallon has made her mark on our practice, immersing each team member in the diverse aspects of midwifery care.  She is an integral part of our team in preparing women for pregnancy and childbirth and helping them create the birth they desire  Working collaborative with our physicians, Kristin has enabled our team to excel at providing better birth experiences for women with all types of childbirth. midwifery care and has worked with each member of our team to immerse them in a women-centered, non-invasive approach.

Kristin Mallon, CNM, MS, RNC-OB is a board-certified nurse midwife and a certified obstetrical nurse. She began practicing as a private midwife in 2006 in New York.   She earned her Master’s degree in midwifery from New York University and nursing degree from Johns Hopkins University.  She also holds a Bacherlor's in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley.  She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband, their four children and Old English Sheepdog.

Kristin provides comprehensive midwifery services supported by maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. Yaakov Abdelhak. She sees patients at two convenient locations in Hackensack and Jersey City, New Jersey. Call for an appointment or book online today.