Most women reach prime childbearing years during their 20s. At this time, a woman’s physical health is also at a peak, making it the best time for childbirth. However, this does not mean that later childbearing is impossible. Though it may be more difficult to conceive and the risk of some complications does go up, more women are having healthy babies at age 35 or older than ever before. With the right preparation, later childbearing can actually pose less risks and be more successful than childbearing for women in their 20s.

Making the right preparations and being financially and emotionally ready for pregnancy are as important as being physically ready. Women in their thirties or even forties tend to be more financially secure and more enthusiastic about having a baby, making the process more exciting and less stressful. By preparing your body for pregnancy before conception, the complications of later childbearing decrease substantially. Women in their thirties who exercise regularly, eat healthy, are not overweight and do not have preexisting conditions such as high blood pressure are more likely to have a risk-free pregnancy than 20-year-old women who do not fit this model.

Integrative Obstetrics can help you take other precautions and prepare for later childbearing. If you are pregnant or considering pregnancy in your thirties or forties, contact Integrative Obstetrics today for more information.