External cephalic version is a non-invasive procedure which can reduce the possibilities of a breech birth. A breech birth, where the baby is in a feet-first position instead of the preferred head-first position, can pose serious risks to the baby and the mother and should be avoided if at all possible. Integrative Obstetrics can assist you with a safe and painless external cephalic version for breech position to reduce or eliminate risks during pregnancy.

A breech position often requires a C-section procedure to reduce the risks to the baby and mother. If the baby can be turned into a head-down, or vertex position, a C-section may not be necessary. The external cephalic version for breech position is conducted towards the end of pregnancy, usually about 36 weeks, after an ultrasound confirms the baby is in a breech position. A professional will push on the outside of your abdomen to physically turn the baby into a vertex position. As there are some risks of a drop in fetal heart rate and other complications, it is important to conduct external cephalic version only by an experienced professional.

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