When we calcuate our C/S rate we include all of our patients. This includes women with elective C-section deliveries, prior C-section before (VBACs), twins, or complications that necessitate a cesaran delviery such as placenta previa or a previous uterine surgery.  We commit ourselves to promoting successful vaginal births and avoiding unnecessary cesarean deliveries because we spend time during the prenatal period to properly prepare women for the childbirth they are expecting. We provide the essential support and patience needed to await a spontaneous normal delivery.  We teach our clients about the importance of fetal and maternal positionig. We use induction of labor and medical interventions as tools (not as the norm) to accomplish our goal of healthy, successful vaginal deliveries.

Spontaneous Labor C/S Rate – 6%

Of the women in our practice who present to the hospital in spontaneous labor, our cesarean rate is 6% making our successful vaginal delivery rate for spontanoues labor 94%. We attribute this success to our client’s commitment to working with us to prepare for childbirth.

Cesarean deliveries on the rise.

Thank God there are two ways to give birth, however, most births can occur without surgery. Many cesarean sections are medically required, but many cesareans are medically unnecessary. In New Jersey and New York, roughly one in three women gives birth via C-section, but this does not mean you will require a cesarean birth. We work with women and their families so they understand why and when cesareans are needed, understand their options, and prevent a C-section unless truly medically necessary.

VBAC Success Rate – 89%-84%

Check out more infomation on our VBAC success rate. VBACs are Vaginal Births After Cesarean Deliveries

In our practice, it is our hope that if your delivery ends in a Cesarean birth, you understand that this was the best option for you and your baby, and not perfromed due to convenience or impatience. You will feel that you were supported in your birth preferences.